An efficient aviation system is essential to the economic vitality of Chicago

Why we’re involved

O'Hare International Airport is a critical economic engine for the Chicago region. We recognized the need to retain Chicago’s position as a leading transportation hub and international gateway.

What we’ve done

We launched an aggressive campaign to build support for O’Hare expansion, reaching out to legislative leaders, transportation officials, airline executives, suburban mayors and community groups. We worked to mediate local opposition to O’Hare, help secure sound abatement policies and funding, put pressure on federal transportation officials, build support among business and labor and energize local media.

In 2003, the O’Hare Modernization Project was passed, allowing for the most ambitious airport restructuring in the country. Once complete, the project will create 195,000 new jobs and add an additional $18 billion to the region’s economy.

Three major projects have already been completed, including a new runway, an extension to the airport’s busiest runway and a new air traffic control tower. A third runway project that will accommodate new aircraft and further reduce delays at the airport is also underway and should open in October 2013. Two more new runways, another runway extension and a new control tower are among the projects slated for later phases of the project.

And that's not all

See the full chronology of the push for O’Hare expansion here.